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Gärkörbchen | Länglich | 28 * 13 cm



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- Gives the bread the desired, elongated shape

- With classic groove pattern

- For ideal proofing conditions and perfect baking results

Material and care

- Made of natural peddigree cane

- Non-splintering, odourless, colourless and glue-free,

- Cannot be used for baking

- Not suitable for dishwashing or dishwasher use


1 x dough rising basket, for breads up to 1000 g

Dimensions: 30 x 14 cm, height: 6.5 cm

Item number: 208 988


Baking your own bread is the current trend. Free of additives, artificial raising agents or preservatives. The small side effect: You save money. And not to forget, the smell when you open the oven door and hold the self-baked bread in your hands. Have you ever thought about baking your own bread? Or are you already an avid bread baker and curious to try new things? We love to bake bread ourselves, so this topic is especially close to our hearts. Like our proofing baskets from our Laib & Seele series. The dough rising baskets are made of 100% sustainable peddigree and handmade. It provides ideal conditions during the proofing process. During fermentation, the dough develops heat and releases moisture. Both are absorbed by the basket and perfectly balanced. Thus, the temperature remains constantly warm without heat buildup, as the natural peddig cane provides optimal ventilation. Thus, the bread becomes fluffy and airy and gets a nice crispy crust.

And this is how it works: flour the dough rising basket and tap off excess flour well, put the preformed dough in it and cover it with a damp cloth so that surface does not dry out during rising. After rising, it is turned out onto a baking sheet or baking stone and the basket is removed. The result is a perfectly preformed bread dough with a typical baking pattern. Now put it in the oven for some time and you have your perfectly baked bread in your hands.

After use, let the dough rising basket dry completely and knock out all remaining dough and flour residues or remove very stubborn ones with a brush. And when no bread is fermenting in it, it can also be used as a bread or fruit basket. There are matching chic fabric covers made of 100% cotton, which make the basket a beautiful highlight on any kitchen table.

By the way, the shapes are available in many different shapes and sizes, each with a corresponding cover. Whether oblong, square, oval, oblong or heart-shaped ?.

Mehr Informationen
Kurzbeschreibung Mit Peddigrohr-Gärkörbchen den Teig gehen lassen wie die Profis. Die Form eignet sich für längliche kleine bis mittelgroße Brote.
Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Material Peddigrohr
Größe 30,0 x 14,0 x 6,5 cm

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