Baking molds by series

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Baking tins by series

RBV Birkmann baking pans are divided into different series, which differ in design, material, product type and application. All baking pans are of very high quality and have the best baking and non-stick properties. So, you can find the right bakeware series for every occasion at Birkmann.

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Basic Baking Springform

Baking pans from the Basic Baking series

The Basic Baking series promises a unique price/performance ratio. It includes a total of 16 baking pans with very good non-stick coating. The baking pans have a very stable quality thanks to the carbon steel and are heat resistant up to 230 degrees. The springform pans also have an extra high ring, which allows baking modern cakes. They come in a high-quality gift box and with a recipe booklet with delicious inspirations. Almost all of the baking pans in this series are made in Germany.

Easy Baking Springform

Baking tins from the Easy Baking series

Easy Baking makes simplicity its motto: eggs, butter, sugar and flour - these are already the most important ingredients from which a cake is baked. And with the right baking pan it is guaranteed to succeed! Easy Baking offers a quality standard that is more than surprising in this medium price range: extra-high springform pans with overflow protection, loaf pans drawn from one piece and a non-stick coating from Whitford, which convinces in look and feel even before the first baking. With the Easy Baking baking pans succeeds simply everything and everything easy!

All baking pans in this series come with a 5-year warranty.

Premium Baking Springform

Baking tins from the Premium Baking series

Premium Baking stands for dedication to quality, attention to detail and an elegant, classy and modern-looking presentation. In addition to the excellent Whitford coating for the best non-stick properties, the baking pans from the Premium Baking series impress with their particularly sturdy design, clean workmanship and many contemporary details: for example, the springform pans with a cut-resistant base, an extra-high ring for modern cakes or the stainless steel lid that opens all the way for easy and thorough cleaning. Of course, the loaf pans are extra deep and drawn from one piece - so the cake releases perfectly even from the corners. Fruit-bottom and tart pans feature a cleanly flanged and easy-to-grip rim, and the special material quality ensures even heat distribution. For this quality, Birkmann gives you a guarantee promise of 10 years.

The noble design of the gift packaging of the trend-oriented baking molds and the enclosed recipe booklet round off the appearance of the high-quality baking molds from Premium Baking.

Premium Baking, that is baking for the perfect moment.

Laib & Seele Kastenform

Baking tins from the Laib & Seele series

The Laib & Seele series is all about bread. Baking your own bread is currently very trendy. Free of additives, artificial raising agents or preservatives. The practical side effect: You save money. And not to forget, the smell when you open the oven door and hold the self-baked bread in your hands. Have you ever considered baking your own bread? We love it and that's exactly why bread is close to our hearts. At Birkmann, you'll find baking pans not only for bread and rolls, but also for baguettes, burger buns, hot dog buns and more.

Baking tins from the Contoura series

The modern cast aluminum baking pans from the Contoura series look simply beautiful. The gold-coloured brand non-stick coating and the unusual contours alone make them a special eye-catcher - and the baked goods real gems! The heavy material ensures perfect heat conduction, so the cake is baked evenly inside and out. Due to the coating, the cake comes out of the mold easily after a short cooling phase and the baking pans are easy to clean by hand.

The baking pans are heat resistant up to 200 ˚ C and the band has a QR code for scanning and retrieving the recipes. For all those who are looking for something special!

Silicone molds from the Chocolaterie series

Homemade chocolate and pralines in the most creative flavors are on everyone's lips - and that is to be taken literally. Granted - making chocolates and chocolates yourself takes some dedication. But it is worth it! Time and the right temperature play an important role in the production and ensure that the chocolates get a beautiful shine. Imaginative fillings and decorations then bring the WOW effect for everyone who gets to taste the little delicacies. Whether with nuts, dried berries, white chocolate, chili or fine spices such as vanilla or cinnamon - you decide on the topping! In this way, you always create new chocolaty taste experiences.

The molds for the pralines and chocolate bars are made of silicone and are particularly flexible. Silicone molds are suitable for freezing up to - 60 ° C and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after use.

Baking tins from the Einfach Hausgemacht series

Baking makes you happy. And when it's simply homemade, it's always something special! Authentic and without frills and frippery. To the question "Is this homemade?" there is then only one answer: "Yes, simply homemade!". The baking pans have a special two-tone brand non-stick coating and are Made in Germany. In addition, they have a high-quality gift packaging and come with enclosed recipe booklet. We are convinced of the very good quality and therefore grant 5 years warranty. Convince yourself and be inspired by the Simply Homemade series!

Bakeware from the Bakerˊs Best series

In contrast to many other baking pans in this price segment, the Bakerˊs Best series convinces with stable quality and elaborate details, for example, with the extra-high rim and the high-quality branded non-stick coating. In addition to the standard baking pans such as the springform pan or the box cake pan, the baking tray with transport cover is a special highlight of the series - so the favorite cake arrives safely on every cake buffet. The series does without a full cardboard box and comes only with a band.

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