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  1. Back-Trennspray | Easy Baking 540323
    Easy Baking | Baking spray | 200 ml

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Premium Baking Edelstahlschüsseln

Baking accessories from the Premium Baking series

In addition to baking pans, the Premium Baking series also offers a small but fine selection of baking accessories. Among them is the Avantgarde cake plate in two different sizes. It is made of black, glossy ceramic and looks particularly noble. The Vintage cake plate made of white ceramic with its great details and the cake plate in the same design also set your masterpieces perfectly in scene. To match, you will also find a glass cover that additionally protects your pastries from external influences. Last but not least, the Premium Baking series also includes a round mixing bowl and three stainless steel mixing bowls. Inside they have a scale and on the side a spout and a handle for a safe grip.

Laib & Seele Gärkörbchen

Baking accessories from the Laib & Seele series

Matching the bread baking series Laib & Seele you will also find great baking accessories for bread baking. The bread knife and two different bread knives with a black blade made of Japanese stainless steel are not only visually striking, with their ergonomic handle they are also ideal in the hand. The fermenting baskets made of natural peddig cane provide ideal fermenting conditions for your bread, so that your dough can unfold before baking. During the fermentation process, the proofing baskets provide your bread with sufficient oxygen, making it nice and fluffy. Matching to all proofing baskets you will also find the matching cover made of 100% cotton. So, you can also use the proofing baskets as a bread or fruit basket. A plastic measuring cup with different scales, a stainless steel dough card, a bread stamp for the typical pattern on the Sunday roll and a cotton bread bag and a metal bread box with bamboo wood lid complete the range of Laib & Seele baking accessories.

Easy Baking Tortenteiler

Baking accessories from the Easy Baking series

The Easy Baking baking accessories offer everything you need to bake any kind of pastry. Practical for baking and layering cakes - the two cake rings and the baking frame from the Easy Baking series. Thanks to the flexible spring band stainless steel, it is infinitely adjustable to the size of your cake. A mold made of carbon steel for the delicious foam rolls, a pastry press with 10 different motif discs for crispy shortbread, various baking and rolling out mats, the classic rolling pin, but also a rolling out stick made of plastic as well as various rolling out sticks complete the Easy Baking range. In addition, there are blind baking balls, especially practical when baking tartes, a baking release spray, so that the pastry can be easily removed from the mold after baking, a measuring cup made of plastic with a practical spout, small measuring cups made of glass, but also essential baking accessories such as dough scrapers in two different sizes, different dough cards, large and small spreading palettes, a whisk with integrated scraper, a waffle shaper, a crepes set and high-quality wooden baking brushes with natural bristles for greasing baking pans.

Accessories are also needed after baking cakes and pastries. Here, on the one hand, the sugar sprinkler, the sieve, but also the cake remover is suitable to get the cake out of the baking pan without accidents. For cooling, you can place your pastry on one of the securely standing cooling grids. Thanks to the small feet, the air can circulate well and the heat can thus escape. For cutting the cake, the cake knife is suitable, but also the cake divider, because with it you can easily divide your cake into 16 equal pieces. For decorating, you will definitely need the decorating syringe, which can be easily operated with one hand. Alternatively, you can of course also use the disposable or disposable piping bags and the piping nozzle of your choice. Then treat your pastries to an appropriate presentation - the Trend cake plate made of grey ceramic is ideal for this.

Colour Kitchen Zubehör

Baking accessories from the Colour Kitchen series

Attention hobby bakers, now it's getting colourful. Numerous baking accessories from the Colour Kitchen series are colourful and bring colour into your kitchen. These include the dough scraper made of plastic with flexible silicone head in two different sizes. The heads of the dough scrapers can even be interchanged for those of you who like it even more colourful. The dough scrapers are complemented by the mixing spoons and spoon with internal metal core. This makes them particularly safe to hold and even suitable for use in hot pots and pans. The silicone brushes in two different sizes also come with a colourful silicone head and a high-quality stainless steel handle. They are ideal for streak-free and even brushing and applying chocolate icing and glazes. The whisks are another highlight. The first-class stainless steel head is particularly robust and the ergonomic, colourful handle fits optimally and securely in your hand. The right presentation is guaranteed to succeed with the plastic cake server, because they not only shine in all the colours of the rainbow, but are also printed with creative, beautiful sayings. Just like the fair cups made of tinplate. The inside scaling is easy to read and from the outside they are printed with wonderful sayings. They are not only eye-catchers in your kitchen, but also a great idea for gift giving. Colourful cupcake papers especially skilfully set cupcakes and small baked goods in scene.

The colourful gift boxes are suitable for small and large souvenirs and gifts. They are available in two different sizes: 12 x 10 cm and 21 x 19 cm. They all come with great sayings and motifs and are also available in 10 different colours. They are also an optimal way to store household items at home.

Baking accessories from the Colour Bowls series

The mixing bowls from the Colour Bowls series come in different sizes and with different capacities. The mixing bowls have a volume of 1 liter and 1.5 liters, the mixing bowls go from 0.5 liters, 0.75 liters, 1 liter, 1.5 liters, 2 liters and 3 liters up to a size of 4 liters. All mixing bowls and mixing cups have a silicone ring on the bottom, which must be removed beforehand for hygienic cleaning of the bowl in the dishwasher. There is a spout on the side for easy handling and a handle for a secure grip. The Colour Bowls are available in grey, white, pink, granita, dark blue, turquoise, lime, yellow, red and black.

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