QUALITY - because we are driven by the pursuit of perfection

A varied range of baking moulds and baking accessories in various price segments is the basis for appealing to different target groups. RBV Birkmann aims to meet these requirements with an unerring instinct for materials and designs. That is why we combine what our customers want with an open-minded approach to innovations, meticulousness and flexibility which we apply consistently.

German Design Award

Quality and innovation

Baking is a tradition that is enriched by new ideas and innovations. We combine new ideas with reliable quality. We have been known for our reliability, innovativeness and flexibility for many years and view our specialist retailers as partners. RBV Birkmann is considered the leading brand in the area of baking accessories – and the German Design Council agrees: In 2017, it awarded the German Brand Award to RBV Birkmann.

Quality an social responsibility

RBV Birkmann cooperates with an integrative workshop near Lake Constance where a number of its biscuit cutters are carefully crafted. In this workshop, able-bodied and disabled people work side by side, supervised by qualified professionals. The production does not focus on rationalised processes but on the people and products. This provides scope for high quality standards – for design and quality made in Germany!

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