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    Set | Colour Bowls Basics | 4tlg. | rot
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When baking cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies or breads, a practical baking utensil set is essential, because not only a high-quality baking pan can be decisive for the best baking results. At Birkmann you will find diverse, creative baking accessory sets, with which you can not only upgrade the basic equipment in your kitchen, but also give wonderful baking enthusiastic friends and family members as gifts. Discover at Birkmann the baking accessories set that will give you great pleasure when baking your next pastry.

In addition to the practical baking mold sets and cookie cutter sets, we inspire with a wide selection of baking accessories sets. With the stencil set, for example, you can conjure up beautiful decorations on the surface of your pastries, with the wooden crepes set you will succeed in making wafer-thin crepes like from France and with the dough card set you can divide the dough for your bread loaves effortlessly and even use them for great, simple decorations on your cakes. But also, a piping bag nozzle set with a reusable piping bag, four different nozzles for different patterns and motifs and an adapter that allows you to change the nozzle even when the piping bag is full, should not be missing in any bakery, because you have never conjured up great dots and flowers on your cake so easily.

You like it chocolaty? Then the Birkmann praline set is certainly just right for you. It comes with a drip grid, a dipping spiral, a praline fork and handy paper molds for storage and presentation. This praline set includes everything you need to make your favorite pralines or chocolate yourself.

In addition to these sets, you will also find numerous colourful baking helper sets from the Colour Kitchen series at Birkmann. A baking aid set from the Colour Kitchen series can be found in all colours of the rainbow such as red, yellow, green, blue, turquoise and pink, but also in somewhat plainer colours such as grey, black and white. Such a practical set should not be missing in your kitchen in any case, because their contents definitely belong to the basic equipment in every kitchen. There is a set with a cake server, pastry box and whisk or else with a mixing bowl, a silicone brush and a whisk and many more. Browse through our online store and discover the set that best suits your needs or your kitchen. Especially in combination, mixing bowls and baking tools are indispensable. However, the bright colours not only enhance your kitchen, they also bring good humour to a buffet or coffee table. The bowls you can use, for example, ideal as a salad bowl, the gift boxes are also wonderful as a small pastry box for homemade cookies.

A colourful baking utensil set is also a great gift idea for anyone who loves to bake or cook or a great idea for moving into your first own apartment.

We also put together pastry tins and gift boxes in sets with great attention to detail. Especially the Christmas pastry tins with different designs and in different sizes bring in the Christmas season the eyes to shine and incidentally keep your home-baked treats long fresh and crispy. However, they are not only suitable for pastries, you can also use them super as decoration or as a storage box for household items.

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