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Cookie cutter animals - Bake great designs with the cookie cutter animals

There are an infinite number of animals. Some live on earth, others live in the water, some are suitable as pets, others live in the wild. With the animal cookie cutters from Birkmann, you can now bake crispy cookies in the shape of animals in your home bakery. Just look for the right cookie cutter animals in our huge assortment. The animal cookie cutters are made of shiny tinplate or high-quality stainless steel, some without inner embossing and some with inner embossing for especially detailed cookies.

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  1. % Birkmann - Hase, liegend, 4,5 cm - 110106
    Cookie Cutter Rabbit | recumbent 4.5 cm
    €1.75 €1.40


    limited quantity
  2. Birkmann - Henne, 6 cm - 121386
    Cookie Cutter | Hen | 6 cm


    in stock
  3. % Birkmann - Erpel, stehend, 9,5 cm - 121416
    Cookie Cutter Drake | standing 8 cm
    €1.75 €1.40


    in stock
  4. % Birkmann - Igel, 6 cm - 121454
    Cookie Cutter Hedgehog 6 cm
    €1.75 €1.40


    in stock
  5. % Birkmann - Eisbär, 6 cm - 122932
    Cookie Cutter Polar Bear | 6 cm | Tinplate [PG
    €1.95 €1.40


    limited quantity
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Ausstechformen Bauernhof

Farm cookie cutter

With a cookie cutter farm or the cookie cutter set farm you bake in no time numerous delicious cookies at home. Whether cows, horses, pigs, chickens or sheep, you will find every imaginable farm animal among our cookie cutters. Bake creative cookies with a high-quality cookie cutter farm and decorate them afterwards with fondant or icing still beautiful.

Ausstecher Pferde

Horse cookie cutter

For all horse lovers and horse lovers Birkmann has also designed numerous different horse cookie cutters. Among them, in addition to a horse head also a pony, a rising horse or a horse in piaffe. Furthermore, in addition to the normal cookie cutter horse, you will also find an imaginative unicorn in our assortment. Your horse-crazy girlfriend or boyfriend have a birthday soon? They are sure to be delighted with lovingly baked horse cookies.

Ausstecher Hunde

Dogs cookie cutter

The dog is probably the most popular pet. Do you come from a family with a dog? Then crispy cookies with the cookie cutter dog are a nice little gag or a great gift. Beagle, retriever, pug and dachshund are just a few of the cookie cutter dog. But with a cookie cutter dogs you can also bake wonderful homemade dog treats. Your four-legged friends are sure to be delighted.

Ausstecher Katzen

Cats cookie cutter

Do you belong to the cat team? Then you also come in our store not too short, because at Birkmann you will also find detail-loving cat cookie cutters. Whether as a pair of cats, sitting or standing, if you like cats, cookies with these cutters definitely belong on your cookie plate. Why not try your hand at tasty cookies or crackers too?

Butterfly cookie cutter

In spring and summer, when it gets warmer outside, you'll see beautiful, colourful butterflies flying through the air here and there. With a first-rate butterfly cookie cutter, you can bake them at home in no time and then decorate them in a spring-like way. In addition to beautiful and useful insects, such as the butterflies and bees, we also offer insects such as spiders, which are especially popular for Halloween.

Fish cookie cutter

With the fish cookie cutter and the sea animals cookie cutter, you can bake small and large fish, cute seahorses, a cute seal or a beautiful mermaid in a flash in your home bakery. Since some fish and sea animals are rarely seen in our country, you now have the opportunity to easily bring the rare animals to your home with the cookie cutter fish from Birkmann.

Bird cookie cutter

Every day, a wide variety of birds fly through our garden. While some fly south in the winter, others stay here with us. Some birds like penguins or flamingos are not found at all in Germany - and that's exactly why we have to bake them. With the cookie cutter bird you can now easily bake shapely cookies themselves and can decorate them in detail afterwards.

Forest animals cookie cutter

While children like to spend hours in the forest, they discover many small and large forest animals such as squirrels, foxes, frogs or hedgehogs when building tree houses or caves. The bear they probably get to see rather rarely, but for him too we have the right cookie cutter forest animals in our range, with which you can easily bake the forest animals at home. Children will certainly also have a lot of fun with this.

Exotic animals cookie cutter

Especially flamingos and llamas have become real trend animals in recent years, which can also be found in the decorations at many parties. Besides the classic garlands, however, cookie cutters are also super suitable as decoration, but of course also to bake crispy cookies and decorate them great. In addition to flamingos and llamas, you will also find sloths, giraffes, lions, unicorns and elephants. Discover the great world of cookie cutters at Birkmann and bake delicious, detailed cookies.

Dino cookie cutter

With the dinosaur cookie cutter you can cut out great, detailed cookies in a flash. Some dinosaur cookie cutters also have an inner embossing, which makes the cookies even more expressive and can be decorated even better after baking. Not only the adults, but also the children can help very well.

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