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Baking tins - for all types and shapes of cakes and pies

RBV Birkmann offers you a wide range of baking molds: About classic baking molds such as springform pans, loaf pans or bundt pans and muffin trays to 3D baking molds and bread baking molds. Here, everyone will find the individually suitable baking pan that will turn the dough into a work of art of cake or pie after baking.


Variety of baking molds at RBV Birkmann

Our range of baking pans is unsurpassed in diversity. With different series that vary in material, size and texture, everyone will find their perfect baking pan, whether they are amateur or professional bakers.

Basic Baking Springform

Baking tins of the Basic Baking series

The Basic Baking series impresses with both an attractive price and high quality of the baking molds. Except for the muffin tray and the transport cover, every mold is "Made-in-Germany". We attach great importance to elaborate details in the baking molds, such as the high rim in the springform molds and the high-quality brand non-stick coating.

Easy Baking Springform quadratisch

Baking tins of the Easy Baking series

The Easy Baking series has a wide range of springform pans, loaf pans, bundt pans, muffin trays and classic baking accessories. Each baking pan is made of carbon steel and has optimal non-stick properties thanks to the very good brand non-stick coating. With the baking molds of Easy Baking succeeds simply everything - and everything very easy!

Premium Baking Tortenboden

Baking molds for professionals - Premium Baking

For professional bakers with higher demands, the baking molds from the Premium Baking series are suitable. The high-quality and professional baking pans for the very highest demands are not only particularly robust and durable, but also equipped with high-quality details. The ring of the baking pan is extra high to prevent the dough from overflowing.

Laib & Seele Kastenform perforiert

Bread baking molds of the Laib & Seele series

All bread fans are guaranteed to find what they are looking for in the Laib & Seele series. The variety of great, high-quality baking molds around the topic of bread inspire with the best non-stick and baking properties. Some baking pans come with a perforation for especially crispy baking results. Discover at Birkmann also the matching accessories for the bread baking molds from the Laib & Seele series.

Contoura Kastenform Novella

Aluminum baking pans from the Contoura range

Special gems are the baking molds made of cast aluminum - our Contoura molds. The heavy material of the mold ensures excellent baking results. Each mold has an individual shape and embossing, e.g. the heart shape of the Contoura series.

Einfach Hausgemacht Gugelhupfform

Great baking pans of the Einfach Hausgemacht series

With the baking pans of the Simply Homemade series, baking is always something very special. The molds convince with their authentic design without frills and frippery and are made in Germany. Each mold has a two-tone coating for that special look, which also impresses with a great non-stick coating.

Bakerˊs Best Baking molds

The baking pans promise high quality at a low price. Each baking pan has a decorative band. Simply scan the QR code on the baking pan band to access matching recipes for each baking pan, which you can bake in your baking pan in no time. The baking pans all have unique features that are sure to make your baked goods a success.

The basic equipment of the baking pans – bundt pans, springform pans & Co.

At Birkmann you will find a huge selection of different cake pans for every occasion and every type of pastry. You do not know which baking pan is the right one for your next cake? We clarify and offer you guaranteed the right baking pan for your pastry.

Premium Baking Springform

Springform pan

You can find the classic springform pan at Birkmann in different sizes, from the springform pan 18 cm to the springform pan 20 cm and the springform pan 26 cm to the largest springform pan with a diameter of 28 cm. You can bake cakes but also pies in the springform pan. Due to the removable ring with closure made of stainless steel, your pastry is first held in shape and after baking, it can be easily removed without damaging your baking result. Thus, you can also bake a layer cake with the baking pan without any problems. Its field of application is wide and a springform pan should not be missing in any household! The springform pan is available at Birkmann quite classically in round, but also in square, rectangular or heart shape.

Premium Baking Kastenform

Loaf pan

The smallest loaf pan is 25 cm long and the largest loaf pan has a length of 30 cm. The loaf pan is an absolute classic and suitable for any type of loaf cake. In addition to simple sponge cakes, more elaborate creations also succeed in the loaf pan. The loaf pans of the Basic Baking series and the Baker's Best series are folded, while the loaf pans of the Easy Baking, Premium Baking and Laib & Seele series are drawn from one piece. This ensures that no dough can stick in the corners. The side grip surfaces ensure safe handling. In the Laib & Seele series, you will also find perforated loaf pans for especially crispy breads. Also discover our mini loaf pan. With this loaf pan, you can bake eight small loaf cakes that are an absolute eye-catcher at any celebration or other occasion.

Bundt pan

Another classic baking dish is the bundt pan. Due to its unique shape, the bundt is an absolute eye-catcher. Both the mini bundt pan with a diameter of 16 cm and the larger bundt pan with a diameter of up to 24 cm are convincing. Since the bundt is turned out of the mold, each bundt baking dish from Birkmann has optimal non-stick properties, so that the cake can be easily removed from the baking dish. Everyone knows the taste of a bundt and does not want to miss it in any case!

Fruit base molds & tart molds

Especially in summer and spring, the tart and fruit bottom molds are very popular. In addition to the fruit base mold for a large fruit base with the two common diameters of 28 cm and 30 cm, the baking molds for small fruit tarts or tartelettes are also very popular. The flanged edge of the baking pan ensures that the fruit bottom pan is safe to grip - even with oven gloves. The quiche and tart pans have a loose lifting base that makes it easy for you to remove the pastry from the pan. Fill and top your pastries according to your taste and use the first-class baking molds from Birkmann.

Muffin tray

How do you make the perfect muffin? First of all, you need the right muffin tray. It is the basic requirement for beautifully shaped muffins. In addition to the muffin tin with room for 12 muffins each 7 cm in diameter, the mini muffin tin is ideal for 24 small muffins each 4.5 cm in diameter. Bake sweet or salty muffins and cupcakes - either directly in the greased mold or in our bake-proof, greaseproof paper baking cups with different motifs. The muffin papers skilfully set your pastries in scene - you will be thrilled.

Motif baking molds and 3D baking molds

Motif baking molds and 3D baking molds are becoming more and more popular. Different motif baking molds such as a unicorn or a soccer inspire young and old. This makes baking even more fun. In addition to the motif baking molds, you will also find different 3D baking molds. For Christmas we have "Tini, the fir tree" and for Easter "Lotti, the lamb" and a classic Easter lamb. With the 3D baking pans, you are absolutely sure to get attention from your cake. All baking pans are made of a high-quality material and have the best properties. Discover all motif baking molds and 3D baking molds here.

Smooth baking with baking pans made of different materials

Many of our baking pans are made of carbon steel and equipped with a high-quality non-stick coating, so that the dough can be easily released from the baking pan and from the bottom. Thanks to their material weight, the carbon steel baking pans convince with the best heat conductivity and thus with perfect baking results. The baking pans of the different series differ partly in their colour, but also in some features such as a protruding bottom or a ring that can be placed on both sides.

The baking pans of the Premium Baking series for cakes and tarts also have a cut- and scratch-resistant bottom and are therefore particularly robust.

Baking pans made of silicone do not necessarily need to be greased before baking, but we recommend greasing them for pronounced contours so that no dough sticks to the baking pan. For cleaning, you can easily and practically put these baking molds in the dishwasher. Thanks to the flexible material, the cake can be easily removed from the mold. Another advantage of silicone baking molds is their resistance to cold, so these molds can also be used for freezing ice cream or parfait.

The baking molds from Birkmann come either in a decorative, high-quality gift box or with a beautiful banderole - the baking molds are therefore also great as a gift. The baking molds come with a recipe booklet for great inspiration.

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