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Baking pans by material - best baking results through carbon steel, enamel, perforation, aluminum, silicone and paper


RBV Birkmann baking pans are available in different materials that have different properties. As a manufacturer of innovative baking pans, we offer baking pans made of the classic carbon steel, as well as the latest trends in baking pan materials. The material of a baking pan differs in various properties and is therefore essential when choosing the right baking pan material. Whether cakes, pies, breads or other pastries - Birkmann has the right baking pan for baking for everyone in the range.

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Sustainable baking accessories - proofing baskets, muffin papers & co. made from sustainable materials

The demand for sustainable, recyclable products is growing all the time. At Birkmann, too, you will find high-quality, durable and thus sustainable baking accessories for your bakery. Quality before quantity - resource-saving baking with products from Birkmann, because sustainability is very close to our hearts and we would like to pass this message on to you.

Our proofing baskets are made of 100% sustainable peddigree and are handmade with love and dedication. We do not use artificial glues or dyes in the manufacturing process. The proofing baskets offer your dough the optimal proofing atmosphere and additionally the typical look for your bread. Peddigree cane is a pure natural product, which is particularly robust. The proofing baskets are not suitable for baking and they can also not be cleaned in the dishwasher. For cleaning, simply allow the proofing basket to dry out completely and then tap or carefully brush it out. With the matching cotton cover, the proofing baskets are also great as a bread or fruit basket.

The food-safe, recyclable and greaseproof paper of the paper baking cups from Birkmann convinces all along the line. You can bake your muffins directly in the beautiful muffin papers. After baking, the paper comes off effortlessly from your pastry and is even biodegradable. The recyclable paper will not stain your muffins and is bake safe up to 220 ° C. The magical muffin papers come in two different sizes: with a diameter of 7 cm and a diameter of 4.5 cm.

Buy sustainable and recyclable baking accessories at Birkmann - together we save the environment.

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Accessories made of wood - dough roller & pastry brush

The traditional dough roller is made of sturdy wood and has a handle on each side for a secure grip. You will find the dough roller in the familiar large size, but also in two smaller sizes, once straight and once tapered. The wooden baking brushes with natural bristles are ideal for greasing baking pans, but also for applying glazes. The 2-piece crepes set made of beech wood conjures up wafer-thin crepes like from France and with the waffle shaper you succeed crispy, delicious waffles for your ice cream. All products made of wood should be cleaned by hand and then allowed to dry thoroughly - so the wood retains its beautiful appearance for a long time.

With the rolling pins made of untreated beech wood, you can roll out your dough to different thicknesses. They have antibacterial properties and are naturally tasteless. The dough wheel, also with a beech wood handle, has a wavy cutting wheel made of high-quality metal, which allows you to cut out dough decoratively without any problems. It is also ideal for cutting ravioli, for example. The wood does not absorb any odors and has antibacterial properties. 

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Steel baking accessories

Steel accessories in the bakery are particularly durable and high quality and also look particularly classy. Numerous accessories made of steel convince with their first-class quality.

Roll knives & nozzles made of stainless steel

Baking accessories made of stainless steel are particularly sturdy and often versatile. Thanks to the stainless material, it can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. The roll knife and bread knives are made of a Japanese stainless steel with non-stick properties and an ergonomic handle with stainless steel inlay for extra good handling. The cake rings and baking frames also have a very stable quality and are individually adjustable to the size of your pastry thanks to a spring band. The colourful whisks have a head made of high-quality stainless steel, which is why they can also be used in hot liquids. They also have an ergonomically shaped plastic handle.

The stainless steel piping nozzles are also particularly robust. They have a high material thickness and are drawn from one piece. This makes them particularly convenient to use and makes it easier for you to spray great decorations on your pastries.

The stainless steel pastry card from the Laib & Seele series is particularly sharp and, together with the scaling, facilitates precise dividing and portioning of your dough or bread loaves.

Baking accessories made of carbon steel

In addition to baking accessories made of stainless steel, you will also find baking accessories made of carbon steel. These include the foam rollers, with which you can effortlessly bake the classic puff pastry rolls, which can then be filled with cream or creams sweet or salty. They have a high-quality non-stick coating, which is why the puff pastry can be effortlessly removed from the molds after baking.

Tinplate baking accessories - colourful measuring cups

The colourful measuring cups from the Colour Kitchen series are made of a robust, first-class tinplate. Inside, you'll find easy-to-read scales to help you measure ingredients. The creative sayings also make the tinplate measuring cup an eye-catcher in your kitchen. However, tinplate should always be cleaned by hand and dried well afterwards.

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Accessories made of silicone & plastic

Baking accessories made of silicone and plastic are particularly robust and can be cleaned hygienically and easily in the dishwasher after use. For this reason, accessories made of silicone and plastic are used very often, because they are also very durable and you can enjoy them for a long time. Here in our online store you will also find numerous accessories made of this material.

On the one hand, there are various measuring cups made of plastic, which help with their different scales when measuring the ingredients. After use, they can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. BPA-free, extremely tear-resistant and flexible is the roll-out mat with scaling made of a non-stick coated fiberglass fabric. The sturdy material is heat resistant up to 230 ° C, which is why you can put your rolled-out dough directly on the mat into the oven. Rolling out the dough works especially well with the plastic rolling pin, whose two spacer rings on the sides ensure that the dough can be rolled out evenly. Thanks to the first-class plastic, your dough, fondant or marzipan will not stick to the rolling pin during rolling.

The colourful baking accessories from the Colour Kitchen series make you feel good just by looking at them. But it also convinces with first-class properties and is very easy to clean thanks to the high-quality material. The flexible silicone head of the dough scraper makes it possible to scrape even the last bit of dough out of the bowl. But it is also ideal for smoothing creams or doughs. Thanks to the material-friendly silicone, the dough scraper can also be used in coated pots, pans and baking pans without any problems. The situation is similar for the mixing spoons and spoon. Thanks to the metal core inside, you can even use them in hot coated pots, pans and baking dishes without damaging them. The BPA-free, sturdy material is naturally food-safe and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The dimensionally stable plastic cake lifters with creative sayings help you safely place your cake pieces from the cake plate onto your plate. The best way to apply frosting and icing without streaks is with the colourful silicone brushes with stainless steel handles. And if you don't need the brush right now, you can easily hang it on the kitchen hook. All Colour Kitchen accessories are available in many bright colours, so you are guaranteed to find the right colour for you.

The cake knife and the cake divider make it easy to cut your cake or pie. Simply place the plastic cake divider in the centre of your cake and press down lightly. This creates 16 evenly sized pieces that you can then effortlessly cut with the plastic cake knife.

Browse through our store and discover numerous, first-class baking utensils made of silicone and plastic.

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Accessories made of melamine resin - mixing bowls & mixing cups

Birkmann's mixing bowl and mixing cup from the Colour Bowls series are made of a BPA-free, food-safe melamine resin. The particularly resistant surface makes them especially robust and scratch-resistant. Thanks to the heat resistance up to 65 ° C, the mixing bowl and the mixing cup can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, if the silicone ring on the bottom is removed in advance. This can then simply be pressed back on. The durable mixing bowls and mixing cups have a practical handle on the side for a secure grip and a spout for accurate portioning. The silicone ring on the bottom also ensures the bowl or mug stands securely on the countertop.

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