Extraordinary Cookie Cutters

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Extraordinary cookie cutters

Special cookie cutters for special occasions. The classic cookie cutters made of tinplate or stainless steel can be found in almost every bakery. But in addition to stars, hearts and Co. you will also find a variety of unusual cookie cutters such as cuddle cookies, stand-up cookies, cup cookies, XXL cookie cutters, but also numbers or letters. Extraordinary cookie cutters with sturdy interior embossing guarantee detailed cookies in no time, which you and your guests will certainly not be able to resist. Discover special cookie cutters for every occasion at Birkmann.

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  1. % Birkmann | XXL-Ausstechform | Eiskristall, 20 cm | 191334
    XXL Cookie Cutter Ice Crystal | Stainless steel
    €15.95 €7.96


    limited quantity
  2. % Birkmann - Hand, 8,5 cm - 194847
    Cookie Cutter Hand | Stainless steel
    €3.95 €3.16


    in stock
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Cup cookie cutter

You've often wondered what cup cookies even are? Cup cookie cutters have a notch so you can hang the finished cookies on the rim of your cup. They are a real highlight, guaranteed to make your mugs eye-catching. Beautiful, mostly Christmas motifs such as star, fir tree, shooting star or angel wings, but also heart, cloverleaf and crown inspire every time you drink coffee on your cup. Discover our Birkmann cup cookies!

Cookie cutter XXL

The XXL cookie cutter is guaranteed to catch the eye, because thanks to its exceptional size, it goes directly into the spotlight. In every cookie jar and on every cookie plate, the look of your loved ones will first fall on the cookies that you have baked with your high-quality XXL cookie cutter. If you also decorate the cookies afterwards beautifully and creatively, certainly no one can resist them. The cookie cutter bunny XXL and the Santa Claus cookie cutter XXL are just a few of these cookie cutters from Birkmann. Also, the classic Christmas nutcracker inspires every year anew. With the XXL cookie cutter, however, you can also ideally make candles or soap in beautiful motifs yourself, for example. So even hobbyists get their money's worth.

Cookie cutter foot and hand

The cookie cutter foot and hand is ideal as a small gag in the form of, for example, spicy cheese crackers. These are sure to impress your guests on any buffet or as a party snack. The foot is even available from Birkmann as a cookie cutter set in a decorative gift box, with space for a personal message on the back. This makes it perfect as a small souvenir or gift and even comes including a recipe for delicious shortbread cookies.

Stand-up cookie cutter

With the stand-up cookie cutter, you present your cookies in a different way. So, they are no longer boring in the cookie jar or on the cookie plate. With the separate foot you can put your small, crispy delicacies from now on. So, they are guaranteed to get their attention and great decorated it is so even as a beautiful decoration for Easter or on your coffee table. Also, a stand-up cookie set with animal cookie cutters inspires young and old. Horse, mouse and duck are guaranteed to attract all eyes as a stand-up cookie.

Cookie cutter letters

With the cookie cutter letters, you have many options. Of course, you can just bake normal cookies, but with the letter cookie cutter you also have the opportunity to bake a beautiful message or message for a birthday, baptism or any other occasion. After all, about personal gifts you are most happy. Or your children have just started school? Then bake some alphabet cookies and practice reading and writing easily. Afterwards, the children can try the cookies directly.

Cookie cutter numbers

Similar to the letter cookie cutter is the number cookie cutter. Instead of reading, you can practice the small 1 x 1 or the first arithmetic problems with your children. For birthdays, however, you can also cut out with the cookie cutter number fondant or marzipan and thus decorate your cakes or cakes decoratively.

Cuddle cookies

Give the gift of a hug! Cuddle cookies look especially cute, because thanks to the special cookie cutters, they have slightly longer arms, so they can already take something sweet or other small cookies in their arms during baking. Simply cut out the cookies from a delicious dough, place a nut, an almond, chocolate chunks or another small cookie in the middle between the arms and carefully fold the two arms over them. For a bunny, for example, you can cut out a small carrot or egg and place it in his arms. After baking, you can then decorate the cookies colourfully and creatively according to your individual taste. Cuddle cookies are available as a bunny, as a squirrel, as a gingerman or quite classically as a star.

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