Baking Tools

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Baking tools

In addition to baking pans and mixing bowls, baking tools are also part of the basic equipment in a home bakery. At Birkmann you will find a huge selection of baking tools such as dough scrapers, whisks, cake lifters, baking mats and many more. However, we do not only have the basic equipment for you in our assortment - for all ambitious bakers we also have products that go far beyond the basic equipment. Our products in high quality inspire all over the world, because all our baking tools are made of first-class materials and have a long life. You will enjoy a baking tool from Birkmann for a long time. 

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Stirring spoon, baking spoon, dough spoon

The stirring spoon and the spoon have a food-safe silicone coating and a metal core inside. This makes the stirring spoon with hole in the middle and the spoon particularly comfortable to hold and also suitable for use in hot, coated pots or pans. The mixing spoon is perfect for stirring creams and doughs, the spoon is a combination of dough scraper and dough spoon, which is why you can ideally use the straight side to scrape the last bit of dough out of the bowl and then easily scoop it out. The two baking tools from the Colour Kitchen series are available in 10 different bright colours such as red, yellow, green, pink and many more. There's sure to be the right colour for you.

Cake Lifter

The colourful cake lifters from the Colour Kitchen series are available in 10 different colours. The cake lifter made of food-safe, sturdy plastic is very robust and suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. The cake lifters have numerous different sayings and guarantee an appropriate and beautiful presentation of your homemade masterpieces. With their enchanting sayings, the baking tools are also a nice little gift or ideal as a souvenir.

Dough scraper

The colourful dough scraper from the Colour Kitchen series is made of a food-safe silicone head with a plastic handle. Thanks to the flexible head, you can reach every little corner in your baking pan or mixing bowl to scrape out even the last bit of batter. The dough scraper is available in two different sizes: 29 x 6 cm and 27 x 3.5 cm and in 10 different colours, there is certainly your favorite colour. If you like it even more colourful, you can even remove the heads of the dough scrapers and interchange them as you like.


The high-quality whisks from Birkmann have a colourful plastic handle and a stainless steel head. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle, the baking tool fits firmly and securely in your hand and can also be used for stirring in hot pots. In addition to the classic whisk, you can also find a whisk with an integrated scraper. This is especially practical, because it allows you to scrape the dough together directly in the bowl.

Measuring cups

We offer measuring cups in different variants. You will find measuring cups made of plastic with different scales to accurately measure your ingredients when baking and cooking. Also, small measuring cups made of glass and colourful measuring cups made of tinplate can be found in the assortment of Birkmann. The tinplate measuring cups come in different colours and an easy-to-read scale inside. The creative, varied sayings enhance the overall look of your kitchen and exude good humour.

Baking brush

You can find baking brushes made of food-safe wood with natural bristles, but also as silicone brushes with a handle made of stainless steel. Both versions are available in two different sizes. The classic wooden pastry brush is ideal for greasing baking pans, casserole dishes or even for marinating meat or fish dishes or for brushing a loaf of bread with water to give it a particularly crispy surface. You can also use the silicone pastry brush to brush your pastries with chocolate and glazes, because thanks to the silicone bristles, this is done particularly evenly and without streaks, and the baking tool can even be hygienically cleaned in the dishwasher afterwards.

Proofing basket

Do you like to bake bread? Then you definitely need one of the practical proofing baskets from Birkmann, so that your bread will turn out especially well. Our proofing baskets are made of 100% natural peddigree cane and are handmade. They give your bread not only the typical look, but especially the perfect fermenting atmosphere, so that your dough can rise optimally. Peddig cane is particularly robust and durable, making it an ideal companion for baking your bread. In the production of our proofing baskets, we completely avoid artificial colours and adhesives, so that even baking professionals rely on our proofing baskets made of pure natural product. You will also find a cotton cover to match all our proofing baskets, so that you can also use the proofing basket as a bread or fruit basket.

Cake rack

A high-quality cake rack is essential when cooling your cakes, pies, cookies and pastries, because it allows them to cool completely and the cookies stay crispy and the cake nice and moist. For this reason, you can find round and square cake racks at Birkmann. Thanks to the small feet under the cake grid, it has a secure stand and offers enough space underneath for air circulation, so that the heat can escape optimally.

Dough cards & spreading palettes

Dough cards and spreading palettes are also practical helpers in the bakery. However, the baking tool is particularly helpful when baking bread and cookies. The silicone dough card is available in two different sizes or as a 2-piece set. Its many uses include portioning, distributing, spreading, smoothing and decorating or spreading on cakes. The stainless steel dough card is particularly suitable for somewhat firmer bread dough. With its scale, you will be able to divide your dough into equal-sized loaves or rolls in no time.

A spreading palette or angled palette is also often used for spreading cakes and pastries. These baking tools make it easy to create even decorations. For spreading and decorating small pastries such as muffins or cupcakes with frostings, you can also find a mini angled palette in our shop. This is also a practical baking aid when spreading cookies with jelly, for example.

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