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Our recipe for sustainability

RBV Birkmann is a socially and ecologically minded company. We promote and demand high social standards throughout the entire production and supply chain, have products manufactured in local workshops for people with disabilities, among other things, and develop baking utensils and baking tins of high quality and long life. It goes without saying that we are continuously changing our range to recyclable and particularly sustainable products, as is the use of regional green electricity. We aim to make packaging more sustainable overall and thus reduce our ecological footprint. To this end, we check our packaging for the proportion of recycled materials and the certified origin of renewable raw materials.



The great variety of baking accessories at Birkmann

You need new baking accessories for your home bakery? Then you've come to the right place at Birkmann, where you'll find only top-quality baking accessories in first-class quality. From cookie cutters, baking utensils to baking pans, great novelties and varied recipe inspirations, we have it all. We develop our products with great attention to detail, thus they convince with the best baking and non-stick properties, unique contours and a long life. Don't miss any novelties in the baking world and always be up to date with the latest trends and tips. Browse through our Birkmann baking accessories store and convince yourself of the numerous classic as well as modern products.

Best baking accessories for cakes, cookies & Co.

The cookie cutters

Cookie cutters made of tinplate and stainless steel convince with their unique quality and great, imaginative shapes and motifs. You will find cookie cutters in different sizes and for almost every occasion. The hand-soldered cookie cutters made of tinplate and stainless steel are of course rustproof and have a polished seam, so that no one cuts himself on the sharp edges when cutting. Numerous stainless steel cookie cutters also inspire with an inner embossing for particularly beautiful, detailed cookies. In addition to the classic cookie cutters, you will also find a large selection of unusual cookie cutters and cookie stamps.

The baking molds

We offer you first-class baking molds made of various materials such as steel, silicone and aluminum. All our baking pans convince with perfect baking and non-stick properties for best baking results. Thanks to the ideal heat conductivity, the pastries in our baking pans are guaranteed to bake through and delight with great contours afterwards. You will find a baking pan for every occasion and for every type of pastry - be it small muffins, cakes, rolls, pizza or burger buns. Perforated baking pans ensure especially crispy bottoms and the enameled pans are cut and scratch resistant thanks to their coating and are also suitable for baking sourdough. Buy high-quality baking pans now and bake delicious pastries!

The baking utensils

When baking cakes and cookies, the right baking utensils are also not indispensable. Our first-class baking utensils convince when measuring the ingredients, mixing the dough, decorating and decorating the pastries and then also when presenting them. In addition to mixing bowls, dough scrapers, whisks and measuring cups, you will also find spouts and piping bags, cake plates, glass covers and much more. Convince yourself of the large selection of utensils and bake delicious pastries.

The baking accessories novelties

To rekindle the passion for baking again and again, we convince every year with new, high-quality products around the topic of baking. With this we inspire hobby and professional bakers all over the world. Discover true classics as well as hip trends and convince yourself of the unique quality of Birkmann baking accessories.

The baking accessories sale

Browse our Baking Accessories Sale and find high-quality products such as cookie cutters, baking molds and baking utensils, but also creative sets for your bakery. Be quick and secure the best deals - only while supplies last.

The baking accessories gift ideas

Make your loved ones happy and give away beautiful baking accessories designed with attention to detail. Colourful gift sets from the Colour Kitchen series or elegant baking pans from the Premium Baking or Contoura series are perfect as gifts or small souvenirs.

The right recipes for your baking accessories

Do you need inspiration for your next cakes and pies? Then you've come to the right place. In our recipe category you will find numerous delicious recipes for salty and sweet pastries, but also for dips, toppings and power food. Can't make up your mind? Then just take a look at "Today I bake...". Here we have new, inspiring recipes for you every day.

What are baking accessories?

Baking accessories are everything you need when baking cakes, cookies and pies to prepare the dough, roll it out, cut out the cookies or bake pies, rolls and the like. These include cookie cutters, various baking utensils such as dough scrapers, mixing spoons and many more, as well as baking pans for various cakes such as a bundt pan, a loaf pan or a springform pan.

Why you need baking accessories?

For a successful cake or pie, it is not enough to have the right ingredients at home. In order for the dough and later the cake, the frosting and everything else to succeed flawlessly, you definitely need first-class baking accessories like from a professional. The baking accessories should be made of high-quality material, be easy and safe to use and, best of all, be easy to clean hygienically. You will find all these properties in a baking accessory from Birkmann. With our baking accessories, small and large masterpieces are sure to succeed and the high-quality accessories have a long life thanks to their stable quality.

Different materials of baking accessories

Birkmann baking accessories are available in different materials, all very high quality, sturdy and made with great attention to detail. Tinplate cookie cutters with a brilliant shine in various shapes and stainless steel cookie cutters, some with inner embossing and of course stainless, inspire small and large cookie bakers. The cookie cutters all have a flanged edge, so even your children can not cut themselves on sharp edges while baking. While you should clean the cookie cutters made of tinplate by hand, the stainless steel cutters are also suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Premium carbon steel, aluminum and silicone baking pans are suitable for any type of pastry. The carbon steel baking pans and the cast aluminum baking pans inspire with a first-class brand non-stick coating, while the pastries can also be easily removed from the silicone pans thanks to the material's own texture. The perfect heat conductivity ensures well-baked pastries and thus the best baking results. The enameled baking molds are also cut and scratch resistant and also suitable for baking sourdough. The perforated molds ensure particularly crispy baking results, but are not suitable for sourdough. We have baking molds for sweet and salty pastries - with the variety of different shapes, sizes and materials, you are guaranteed to find the right baking mold for you.

Baking utensils made of wood, silicone & plastic, melamine resin and steel inspire with easy handling, creative, trendy designs and great features. With baking utensils for mixing doughs and creams, for rolling out doughs, for measuring ingredients as well as for scraping out bowls you will find here at Birkmann. Discover classy, high-quality designs from the Premium Baking series, top-quality accessories from the Easy Baking series and colourful baking utensils from the Colour Kitchen series.

Browse through our store and let the excellent quality of Birkmann baking accessories convince you.

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