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Cookie cutters for every theme

Are you looking for a very specific cookie cutter? With the cookie cutters by theme you will find the right cookie cutters for many different themes, whether you want to turn your hobby, your passions, your profession or your favourite symbol into a delicious cookie. The cookie cutters from Birkmann are available in many different shapes and sizes and with numerous motifs. With the high-quality cookie cutters you conjure up beautiful cookies and crackers in no time. Feel free to browse through our assortment of cookie cutters, sorted by themes.

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  1. % Birkmann - Eiskristall, 6 cm - 100138
    Cookie Cutter Ice Crystal 6 cm
    €1.75 €1.40


    in stock
  2. % Birkmann - Hase, liegend, 4,5 cm - 110106
    Cookie Cutter Rabbit | recumbent 4.5 cm
    €1.75 €1.40


    limited quantity
  3. Birkmann - Henne, 6 cm - 121386
    Cookie Cutter | Hen | 6 cm


    in stock
  4. % Birkmann - Erpel, stehend, 9,5 cm - 121416
    Cookie Cutter Drake | standing 8 cm
    €1.75 €1.40


    in stock
  5. % Birkmann - Igel, 6 cm - 121454
    Cookie Cutter Hedgehog 6 cm
    €1.75 €1.40


    in stock
  6. % Birkmann - Stangerl, gerippt, 7 cm - 122017
    Cookie Cutter Stick | ribbed 7,3 cm
    €1.95 €1.40


    in stock
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Cookie cutter music

For one person, music is a hobby, for another it's a profession or passion, and for the next it's simply entertainment. Everyone listens to music. The cookie cutter music brings a good mood home - whether baked as a delicious cookie or simply for decoration. Other treats can also be punched out with the cookie cutter music. In addition to the cookie cutters musical instruments, our range includes many other musical motifs such as the clef cookie cutter.

Cookie cutter sport

After a strenuous sports session, you may also treat yourself to a homemade cookie. For all sports lovers, we have great sports cookie cutters for this in our online store. A soccer cookie cutter and a basketball cookie cutter inspire all team athletes, but also a bicycle, a flag or a cone convince hobby sportsmen and women all over the world. A cookie cutter sports or cookie cutter soccer is also a great gift idea or attention for a birthday or as a snack at the next public viewing.

Cookie cutter vacation & travel

You want to prepare yourself for the next vacation? Then browse through our wide range of cookie cutters suitable for your trip and bake delicious, crispy cookies with great motifs. The cookies and cutters are also ideal as a small gift for your loved ones. A delicious cocktail or an ice cream cone in preparation for the summer vacation, an airplane for the next trip to the south, an anchor or a sailboat for the next vacation at the sea or numerous famous sights in the form of cookie cutters can be found at Birkmann to get you in the mood for your vacation.

Cookie cutter cars & vehicles

Vacations with a camper, caravan, camper or converted Bulli have been totally trendy for several years, because you are flexible in planning your trip and see many different places in a short time. With the Bulli cookie cutter you can now easily bake a camper as you like at home. You go to work every day by car? Then you will find a cookie cutter car to match. But also, for those who travel by bike or by train, Birkmann has a high-quality cookie cutter in the assortment.

Cookie cutter airplanes & machines

Around the topic of cookie cutters you will find at Birkmann everything that belongs in a good bakery to bake cookies. Not only first-class airplane cutters and machine cutters, but also additional baking accessories for cookie baking such as roll-out mats and roll-out rods complete our assortment. Do you like to fly or have friends who like to go on vacation by plane? Then the cookie cutter airplane is a nice little gag to enhance the next gift. Also, great machinery cookie cutters like an excavator is a nice gift for little and big construction workers.

Cookie cutter adventure & space

Would you like to see outer space one day? With our adventure cookie cutters you can make this wish come true. The high-quality stainless steel cookie cutters from Birkmann come with detailed interior embossing for especially great cookies. Bake yourself a UFO, an astronaut or a rocket easily at home. The cookies are sure to bring great joy to children. A superhero, a hot air balloon, an Indian, a cowboy, a castle dragon or a skull will also make dreams come true. Children can perfectly help decorating the delicious cookies and bake their favourite superhero, for example.

Cookie cutter luck & lucky charm

Luck can also be small sometimes! Instead of the classic fortune cookies with a small message, homemade cookies in the shape of a shamrock, a lucky pig or a lucky mushroom are also ideal for conveying personal wishes. The various motifs are made of a first-class material and have a polished seam, so that even the children cannot hurt themselves while baking. Discover the numerous cookie cutters lucky charms from Birkmann and give your loved ones luck in the form of delicious cookies.

Cookie cutter flowers & plants

Flowers and plants accompany us all year round. Depending on the season, the leaves shine green, orange or red and various flowers and shrubs bloom in the gardens. We have different flower cutters, among them there is something for every season. Various flower cookie cutters and a leaf cookie cutter make it possible to bake realistic, detailed cookies at home. You'll often see tulips in vases everywhere in the spring, but a pine cone or holly will fit in perfectly in the wintertime. Browse through the extensive assortment of flower cookie cutters and convince yourself of the unique quality of Birkmann cookie cutters.

Cookie cutter angel

Bake yourself or your loved ones a guardian angel in the form of a delicious cookie or alternatively give away the cookie cutter angel, because probably everyone has at some point in his life a guardian angel well needed. As a small, sweet idea for birth or baptism, you can prepare with the cookie cutter angel others a joy. Give away the great decorated cookies symbolically as a guardian angel or decorate your cookie plate with them at Christmas time. The packaging of the cookie motif cookie cutter guardian angel even has space for a small message on the back. Cookie cutters as gift tags or magically decorated cookies are of course also suitable for the Christmas season. You can find the cookie cutter angel classic in different sizes or with a heart in hand.

Cookie cutters school & profession

In school, children learn to write, calculate and read. To deepen this at home in a playful way, we offer letter cookie cutters, number cookie cutters as well as punctuation marks and arithmetic signs as cookie cutters. Bake numerous cookies and practice reading and writing with your children in a different way. We are sure, with homemade cookies, which can be eaten directly afterwards, learning is much more fun. There are also creative, detailed cookie cutters to discover for some professions. They are a great idea, for example, for the first day or when a colleague has a birthday.

Cookie cutter fairy tale & fantasy

Fairies, unicorns and castle dragons are probably only known to most from fairy tales, television or from their imagination. To make them a little more real, you can now bake your own mythical creatures in your own bakery at home with the high-quality, unusual and creative cookie cutters from Birkmann.

Cookie cutters for baking with children

Cookie cutters are ideal for baking with children. Depending on their interests and hobbies, you can choose between a variety of different cookie cutters for your children. There is guaranteed to be something for every child. Cute animals, a superhero, a fireman, a delicious ice cream, spooky pumpkins for Halloween or funny monsters are just a small selection. But the kids don't just have fun cutting out the cookies, they also love to decorate them colourfully with sprinkles and icing or with chocolate.

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