Baking accessories by pastry

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Baking accessories by pastry

Some pastries require special baking accessories to make them successful or to decorate them beautifully after baking. A wafer-thin crepe, for example, is best made with a crepe set. Beautiful flowers or dots are best created with high-quality nozzles. Whether cakes, pies, bread, muffins or chocolates, with us you will find the right accessories for every type of pastry. Whether for preparing, decorating or arranging and presenting. Browse through our online store and discover high quality baking accessories by pastry.

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  1. Back-Trennspray | Easy Baking 540323
    Easy Baking | Baking spray | 200 ml

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  2. Birkmann - Schablonen-Set für Gebäck Herz, 7-tlg. - 146044
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Cookie baking accessories

For baking cookies and cookies, we offer a wide selection of first-class cookie cutters made of stainless steel or sturdy tinplate. An alternative to cookie cutters is the circle cookie cutter set. Sounds a bit boring at first, but once you have cut circles into your dough with the cookie cutter, you can then decorate them as you like with cookie stamps or decorative stencils. Another practical cookie baking accessory is the pastry press. This can be easily operated with one hand. It comes with 10 different motif discs, so you can easily bake cookies in different shapes.

The non-stick coated roll-out mat made of fiberglass fabric is ideal for rolling out cookie dough with its scaling. After cutting out the cookies, it can be conveniently placed directly in the oven. This way you avoid the annoying transfer of the cookies, so that they keep their beautiful shape during baking. An alternative to the roll-out mat is the permanent baking foil, which you can easily cut to the size of your baking tray with scissors. Another really indispensable helper are the rolling pins. These come in different thicknesses so that you can roll out your dough evenly to the size that suits you. For this, it is best to use the plastic rolling pin, because thanks to its material properties, the dough does not stick to the pin and you can roll it out without any problems. Do you prefer the traditional way? Then choose the rolling pin instead. To prevent the dough from sticking to it, roll it in a little flour beforehand or put a suitable cotton cover over the rolling pin. You can use the small mini angle plate to brush your cookies with jelly or glaze after baking. To cool down your cookies, you will find different cooling grids in round or square at Birkmann. Just decide for yourself which one fits best with your kitchen equipment.

Cake baking accessories

For special occasions, cakes and pies are often elaborately decorated so that they not only taste good, but also become real eye-catchers. But also, for the preparation it needs numerous baking accessories to simplify the baking process.

For measuring the ingredients, the various measuring cups with different scales are perfect. At Birkmann you will find measuring cups made of glass, plastic or tinplate. Before you pour the finished dough into the baking pan, you should spray it with our vegetable baking release spray so that the finished cake can be easily removed afterwards without breaking or sticking. Whisks, mixing bowls and dough scrapers are also handy helpers when baking. Mix the dough in the mixing bowl with the whisk, remove it with the dough scraper and smooth it out in the pan. If your cake sits too firmly in the baking pan, the plastic cake remover will help you. Run it around the cake once and it can be easily removed from the pan. We offer various cooling grids for cooling.

After baking, it's time to decorate the cake. For this purpose, we offer a variety of nozzles or decorative stencils. But you can also use a spreading palette or a pastry card to spread buttercream or cream on the cake and use a silicone brush to coat it with icing or frosting. For the completed presentation, the beautiful cake plates and glass hoods are suitable anyway the colourful cake lifters with creative sayings.

Discover the accessories around cakes and pies at Birkmann in the online store.

Bread baking accessories

The topic of baking bread has experienced a renaissance in recent years in the home bakery. After all, what could be better than baking bread, rolls, fluffy buns or delicious quiches yourself at home and knowing exactly what's in them? You can completely do without flavor enhancers and artificial additives. So that your bread succeeds at home without any problems, you will also find numerous bread baking accessories in addition to the high-quality bread baking molds.

A plastic measuring cup from the Laib & Seele series helps you with the different scales to measure the ingredients accurately, so that the dough really succeeds. You can then divide the dough into any number of loaves or rolls of the same size using the stainless steel dough card. This even has a practical scale, so all rolls are guaranteed to get the same size. An absolutely indispensable baking accessories bread are the proofing baskets. These are made of natural peddigree cane and are handmade without artificial glue and dye. They give your bread the optimal fermentation conditions and also the typical look. They are not suitable for baking, but you can use them afterwards as bread or fruit baskets with the respective matching cover made of cotton. If you do not want to use any of the baking pans, a good alternative is the bread baking stone made of fireclay. This is heat resistant up to 1000 ° C and can even be used on the grill, but also fits into any standard oven. However, for best baking results, it should be preheated in the oven with. For cutting your homemade breads and rolls, the noble bread knives and the bread knife made of Japanese stainless steel with non-stick coating are perfect and in the bread bag made of cotton or the bread box made of metal your bread will keep fresh for several days.

Buy bread baking accessories now and bake delicious breads, rolls, quiches and pizzas easily at home.

Muffin accessories

Not only large cakes and cupcakes can be real eye-catchers at a celebration. The somewhat smaller muffins and cupcakes also deserve attention. So that your muffins and cupcakes succeed and you can still decorate them beautifully afterwards, you will find great muffin accessories with us.

Similar to baking cakes and cupcakes, you will first need a mixing bowl, a measuring cup, a whisk and a dough scraper to make the dough. Before baking, you should either grease the muffin tin with the vegetable baking release spray or place one of the greaseproof, bake-proof, recyclable paper baking cups with the design of your choice in each of the wells so that you can easily remove the little cakes from the mold after baking. After baking, the muffins and cupcakes should cool on a cooling rack before you can decorate them with frostings or other toppings. The mini angled palette or the numerous stainless steel piping nozzles, which are compatible with the disposable and reusable piping bags, are ideal for this purpose. But also, the garnishing syringe is a good alternative for decorating and decorating your cupcakes and muffins.

You can then present your little cakes on the high-quality cake plates and cake plates from Birkmann.

Chocolaterie Pralinen Set

Chocolates accessories

A handy praline set allows you to make homemade chocolates, truffles or chocolate. The praline set comes with the most important praline accessories such as a draining grid, praline forks, a dipping spiral and paper molds for presentation and storage. The praline accessories are complemented by various silicone molds with different motifs such as Gugelhupf, rose, toffee, hearts or various Christmas motifs. You can also find a silicone mold for chocolate bars or ornaments for decorations at Birkmann.

Discover pralines accessories and chocolate accessories in the online store and just try making homemade delicacies.

CakePop Baker

Cake Pop Accessories

You can either make CakePops from a crumbled cake and cream cheese or bake them in the CakePop Baker from Birkmann. To do this, prepare the batter in a bowl as you would for a cake and then pour it into the small round troughs of the CakePop Baker. The CakePop Baker is a silicone mold that is heat resistant up to 230 ° C. After baking, the CakePops are very easy to unmold thanks to the flexible material. Now stick them on the Cake Pop sticks and decorate them afterwards with our CakeMelts or sugar sprinkles. As a little tip: The CakePop maker is not only suitable for the cake balls, it can also be used great for ice cubes or ice balls.

Christmas baking accessories

At Christmas time, most kitchens are probably busy baking. In addition to the cookies, which you will certainly succeed with our high-quality cookie cutters made of stainless steel or tinplate, but also Christmas cakes and stollen are baked. For the classic Stollen you will find a Stollen baking cap, for the traditional Stutenkerl a suitable mold and the clay pipes, for quick Spritzgebäck the pastry press or but creative cookie stamps for Christmas cookies. Especially with children, you like to bake a gingerbread house at Christmas time. For this purpose, you will find a DIY gingerbread house set of several parts. The finished house you can then decorate creatively and according to your taste. Also, a crepes set, the anise roll and the beautiful Christmas muffin papers should not be missing in your Christmas bakery in any case.

Baking accessories barbecue

Accessories for grilling also belong to the assortment of Birkmann. So that everything works when grilling, you need the right grilling accessories.

Ideal for grilling is the baking stone made of fireclay. It is heat-resistant up to 1000 ° C and can be used excellently for bread, baguettes or pizza. But also, burgers may not be missing now and then at the grill. You can bake the burger buns in the oven in our burger bun tray, grill the patties on the grill and can turn them ideally with the large tray angle pallet. For applying marinades on your grilled meat, the wooden brush is perfect and for salads, dressings and herb butter you can use one of the many beautiful mixing bowls from the Colour Bowls series.

With the accessories for grilling from Birkmann, the next barbecue is guaranteed to be a success.

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