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Baking utensils - Small helpers, big effect

Baking without baking utensils? That is not possible. Find your suitable baking aids in our store to conjure up beautiful baked goods. For each step of your baking process we have the appropriate baking utensils. Starting with mixing bowls, baking tools and roll-out mats, to spouts, pastry tins and cake plates with glass covers. Each baking accessory has a different function, is suitable for a different type of pastry or is made of a different material. Discover the variety of baking utensils in our baking utensils online store.

Colour Bowls Rührschüsseln

The right mixing bowl for your kitchen

For the beginning of any baking process, you need a mixing bowl. Birkmann offers a wide range of different colours, sizes and shapes. The colourful mixing and serving bowls, known to us only as Colour Bowls, are made of scratch-resistant and durable, BPA-free melamine resin and fit perfectly into the colour concept of your kitchen in your favorite colour.

The bowl is perfectly designed with a secure handle and drip-free spout for easy handling, and a silicone anti-slip ring at the bottom for a secure footing.

The ring can be removed and the bowl easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The bowl is heat resistant up to 65 ˚ C, but is not suitable for use in the microwave.

The mixing bowls and mixing cups are perfect as tools for preparing doughs and masses, as well as for storing food or serving salads and much more.

Discover the motley variety and browse through our powerful colours e.g. pink, grey, turquoise, red and lime. The Colour Bowls are available with a capacity of 0.5 liters, 0.75 liters, 1 liter, 1.5 liters, 2 liters, 3 liters and 4 liters. 

For more refined kitchens, we also have stainless steel mixing bowls. The stainless steel mixing bowl contains an easy-to-read scale on the inside and is heat-resistant up to 180 ˚ C. Just like the Colour Bowls, the stainless steel mixing bowls also have an anti-slip ring made of silicone on the bottom, which ensures a safe stand. In addition, after removing the silicone ring, the bowl can be put in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Have you already found your favorite bowl?

Baking is love formed from dough

In the assortment of Birkmann you will find professional baking utensils so that your home-baked creations succeed effortlessly. With our baking utensils we convince hobby and professional bakers all over the world.

Easy Baking Backwerkzeuge

Practical baking aids

You can hardly use a mixing bowl without other baking accessories. First of all, the ingredients have to be measured out with the help of a measuring cup according to the instructions in the recipe. The measuring cups are available in sturdy plastic as well as from the Colour Kitchen series made of high-quality, durable tinplate in various bright colours with creative sayings. Then you can mix the individual ingredients with a whisk. You can choose the colour of the whisk to match your bowl, measuring cup and kitchen. The whisk has a head made of high-quality stainless steel and a coloured plastic handle. For special doughs and masses you can use the mixing spoon from Birkmann. This also belongs to the Colour Kitchen series and is therefore also available in 10 bright colours. In addition, it withstands temperatures up to 230 ˚ C, so it can also be used in hot coated pots and pans.

To transfer the dough from the bowl into the baking pan, you definitely need a dough scraper. This practical kitchen helper, as the name suggests, releases the dough completely from the bowl thanks to its flexible silicone head. But before you pour the dough into the mold, you should grease it with a baking release spray so that your luggage will later release from the baking mold without any problems. Alternatively, you can grease the pan with butter using a wooden brush or silicone brush.

For blind baking of, for example, tartes or quiches, you can easily use our reusable blind baking balls made of high-quality ceramic.

If you would like to bake a layer cake, for example, you should not do without our baking frames and cake rings. The cake layer cutter ensures evenly cut layers like a professional. Then you can spread cream cheese or butter creams on each side of the layer cake using angle palettes and spreading palettes. But before you can spread the sides with creams, cool your baked goods on one of our cooling grids before decorating and decorating later.

Would you like to bake delicious cookies? Birkmann offers you the necessary baking utensils. With the help of the dough card, you first bring the dough to the right size before you roll the dough to the desired thickness with a dough roller on the rolling mat. Then cut out your cookies by hand with the high-quality cookie cutters and place them on a baking sheet with the permanent baking foil made of fiberglass fabric. Alternatively, you can use regular baking paper. The cookies are guaranteed to succeed with the right baking accessories.

Baking accessories for baking bread and rolls

But not only for baking cakes and pies you need the small baking aids, but also when baking bread. Baking your own bread is currently very trendy. To make the perfect bread, you need to let the dough rise in a proofing basket before baking. The proofing basket made of peddigree cane also gives the dough the desired shape.

It provides ideal conditions during the fermentation process. Thus, the bread becomes loose and airy and gets a nice crispy crust.

Are you an amateur baker and want to bake your own bread? Here's how it works: you flour the proofing basket and tap off excess flour well, put the pre-shaped dough in it and cover it with a damp cloth so that the surface doesn't dry out while it's rising. After rising, it is turned out onto a baking sheet or a baking stone and the basket is removed. What emerges is a perfectly pre-shaped loaf of bread with a typical baking pattern. Only for some time in a bread baking pan in the oven and you hold your perfectly baked bread in your hands. Discover also our variety of bread baking molds. After use, let the proofing basket dry completely and knock out any remaining dough and flour.

And if you're not baking bread at the moment, a proofing basket with the matching cover is also ideal as a bread or fruit basket.

By the way, the proofing baskets are available in many different shapes and sizes. Suitable for bread baking, you will also find a dough card, a bread knife, bread knives and a bread bag as well as a bread cat to keep your pastries fresh for a long time.

The baking helper sets

At Birkmann you will also find lovingly put together baking helper sets. Each set is individual and contains different baking utensils. For example, one set is 5-piece and consists of two colour bowls, a cake server, a whisk and a dough scraper - all parts in one colour. Discover the matching set in your favorite colour. However, all sets are also great as a great gift idea or as a souvenir for your loved ones.

Baking utensils for decorating & embellishing your pastry

Would you like to decorate your baked cake or pastry beautifully after baking? Birkmann offers you a wide range of accessories for decorating and decorating.

Piping nozzles are among the hidden champions in the decorating assortment. Conjure up artistic decorations on your cupcakes, cakes and pastries as if from a master confectioner. Whether buttercream flowers or royal icing tuffs, with these nozzles you breathe that certain something into your pastries. Birkmann has the right spout for every decoration. The assortment ranges from flower and leaf nozzles to hole nozzles, star and French star nozzles and special nozzles. The matching piping bags are available in the reusable version made of cotton fabric with a special coating or as recyclable refill piping bags made of plastic.

Also discover our piping bag set with selected nozzles, reusable piping bags and the matching adapter. So, you can quickly and easily switch between the different stainless steel nozzles.

To make piping the buttercream even easier, you can use the garnishing syringe made of food-safe plastic. With this tool, the spouts can be changed very easily and it can be operated with one hand.

Set the stage for your pastries with the right baking utensils

After work comes pleasure, as we all know. It's no different when it comes to baking. To set the scene for your baked goods, you need the right presentation. Cakes and tarts can be optimally presented on an elegant cake plate. This eye-catcher is rounded off with a noble glass cover.

To also put cupcakes in the right light, our greaseproof, bake-proof, recyclable paper baking cups are ideal. You can find these at Birkmann in various sizes, colours and patterns.


To store your pastries, the tinplate pastry tins are ideal. In Christmas design or as year-round tins, they are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher. They protect the pastries from moisture and thus keep them fresh longer.

Have you never shared your baked goods with your loved ones? That should change as soon as possible. Discover the gift boxes from Birkmann, which score with bright colours and different sizes. Each box enchants with an individual saying, so you can find the right gift box for every occasion.


Discover high-quality, first-class baking utensils and buy baking utensils at Birkmann in the store

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