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Decorate cake - baking accessories for decorating & decorating cakes and pies

Cake & Cake Decorating

For a unique cake decorating and cake decorating there are various baking utensils. Dressing with fondant or marzipan or spreading with creams and then decorating with great dots or flowers are just a few of them. 

For clean rolling out of fondant or marzipan, the plastic rolling pin is ideal, because thanks to the two plastic rings on the sides, you are guaranteed to succeed in rolling out evenly. Once your cake is perfectly covered, you can of course decorate it with fine dots or sweet flowers. For this purpose, it is best to choose the right piping nozzle from the large variety of Birkmann. You have the choice between flower nozzles, leaf nozzles, hole nozzles or special nozzles. If you like it even easier, then the garnishing syringe from the Easy Baking series is just right for you. With it, you can spray great patterns in no time with one hand, because it comes with different spout attachments. You like it even more unusual? Then pick out the right motifs for your occasion from the numerous cookie cutters, cut out great motifs from fondant or marzipan and decorate your pastries with them. This is how you turn your cakes into unique masterpieces that no one will imitate in a hurry.

If marzipan or fondant are not suitable for decoration, you can use butter or cream cheese creams. With the stainless steel spreading pallets and angular pallets like from a professional, spreading becomes child's play. You can either use them to spread the cakes opaque, but many also like the modern naked cake, where the bases and the individual layers can be seen under the buttercream after spreading. The fluted side of the pastry card is perfect for this cake decoration.

For an easy and very quick decoration, you can use our decoration stencil. Simply place the stencil on top of the cake, go over it with some powdered sugar or cocoa powder, carefully remove the stencil and the decoration is ready.

Decorate cookies - baking accessories for decorating & decorating cookies and cookies.

Cookies and cookies do not only taste good at Christmas time. They are also a great side dish in spring or summer, for example, with a refreshing iced coffee. For this reason, in addition to the classic Christmas motifs, you will also find numerous Easter cookie cutters or summer motifs such as an ice cream or a cocktail at Birkmann. To set these motifs even more in scene, you will find the ideal accessories at Birkmann to decorate the cookies and cookies after baking.

After you have baked shapely cookies with the high-quality tinplate or stainless steel cookie cutters, they can be decorated either with glazes, creams or jellies, but also with sprinkles. The mini angled palette is best suited for spreading creams and jellies. However, you can also use fine perforated nozzles to spray great, playful dots on your cookies or give the cute animals eyes. Sugar icing from the piping bag or powdered sugar from the sugar shaker are also indispensable, especially for the well-known cinnamon stars and vanilla crescents.

Do you already know the CakeMelts from Birkmann? These are colourful drops that you can easily melt in the microwave or in a water bath. With tasteless vegetable oil the mass becomes a little more liquid, with warm water it hardens faster. The colourful icings are a great cookie decoration and also taste deliciously of vanilla. Especially children love these colourful decorations. Glazes can be applied especially well with the silicone brushes. So, you succeed particularly streak-free and the brushes can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after use.

Detailed cookie stamps, especially with Christmas motifs, also enhance your cookies and are quickly sold out in the cookie jars.

Decorating cupcakes - baking tools for decorating & decorating cupcakes and muffins

Unique masterpieces can only be large, elaborate cakes? Absolutely not! With a beautiful cupcake decoration or muffin decoration, even the small pastries become an absolute eye-catcher on your coffee table. The small muffins and cupcakes are therefore also ideal for weddings and birthday parties.

Simply sprinkled with powdered sugar from the Birkmann sugar sprinkler, they may still look a bit boring, but at the latest with detailed flowers and dots, which you will succeed flawlessly with the stainless steel nozzles pulled from one piece, they will look sensational. If spraying with the nozzles and piping bags is a bit too much work for you, you can also ideally use our garnishing syringe. This comes with different nozzles and can be easily operated with one hand. The high-quality nozzles are compatible with the disposable piping bag and the reusable piping bag in different sizes. Also, an indispensable helper when decorating and decorating cupcakes and muffins is the mini angled palette. It makes it child's play to apply creams and frostings to your mini cakes.

Muffin paper cups - put your small pastries in the limelight

In order to put muffins and cupcakes in the limelight even better, you definitely need our numerous muffin paper cups and mini muffin paper cups with different motifs. The paper cups for muffins are made of greaseproof, baking-safe, food-safe paper. This means you can bake your muffins right in the ramekins. Choose your favorite design and bake magical little cakes for friends and family. Your muffins and cupcakes definitely deserve such a beautiful decoration.

Piping bags and nozzles - elaborate decorations and embellishments made child's play

Piping nozzles are especially suitable for elaborate and beautifully shaped decorations with buttercream. The spraying of flowers and dots succeeds flawlessly, because the nozzles are drawn from one piece and are made of a high-quality stainless steel. This makes them very easy to use and it will not be difficult for you to use them to spray great decorations and embellishments on your cakes, cupcakes and cakes. Discover your piping nozzle of choice, whether leaf nozzle, hole nozzle or flower nozzle and conjure up fabulous decorations on your pastries.

All our piping nozzles can be combined with any piping bag, whether disposable piping bags or reusable piping bags. You can also find a great piping bag set in our store.

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