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Baking pans by pastry


Do you love the smell of freshly baked cakes, tarts, muffins, tartes or other pastries? For this reason, we at RBV Birkmann have made it our business to develop the right baking mold for every type of pastry. Discover the great variety of baking molds by pastry in our online store and convince yourself of the first-class quality at Birkmann.

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The cake tin

A cake mold from Birkmann should not be missing in your kitchen in any case, because the cake baking molds are particularly high-quality and have a long life thanks to their material weight and first-class quality. Baking molds such as the bundt pan, the loaf pan or the springform pan are ideal for delicious cakes. However, you can not only bake sweet cakes with them, salty pastries are also guaranteed to succeed in the cake mold. The cake baking pans all convince with perfect non-stick properties, so that your cake can be easily removed from the mold after baking. Discover now in our store the professional cake molds from RBV Birkmann.

The cake mold round really knows everyone! And rightly so, because the cake mold is very versatile and is suitable for baking cake layers as well as whole cakes such as cheesecake or apple pie. The cake baking pan consists classically of two parts, the base and the removable ring with stainless steel closure. Thus, the cake does not have to be overturned after baking. In addition, the molds are also suitable for baking a layer cake or a naked cake.

In the assortment of RBV Birkmann you will also find a cake mold with two bottoms: a flat and a tube bottom. You want to bake a Frankfurter wreath? Then the tube base is ideal for you. You can find more great recipes in the enclosed recipe booklet or scan the QR code on the banderol and get inspired by our recipes.

Birkmann offers a cake pan 20 cm, a cake pan, 24 cm, but also baking molds with a diameter of 16 cm, 26 cm and 28 cm. With these molds you can conjure up small and large baking works.

The king cake pan

The king cake pan is a square classic. Usually, the cakes are prepared with a classic sponge, which can be expanded and decorated as desired. You can find the right king cake pan for baking your cake at Birkmann. The king cake pan of the Basic Baking series and the Baker's Best series is folded, the king cake pans from the other series such as Easy Baking and Premium Baking are drawn from one piece. This ensures that no dough can stick to the corners of the baking pans.

A special feature is our cast aluminum loaf pan from the Contoura series. The cast-iron material ensures ideal heat conduction and thus excellent baking results.

Whether the classic lemon cake or an almond cake with a white chocolate glaze - the king cake suits everyone and is usually ready quickly and easily.

The bundt pan

You will probably remember the classic cup cake from your childhood. However, there are many more ways to bake a cake in a Bundt pan. The baking pan typically has a tube in the center and slightly slanted grooves that make up the typical look of a cupcake.

The Bundt cake pan has a non-stick coating and the bundt cake is easy to remove from the pan after baking. However, you will not only succeed in the classic sweet recipes in the cup cake pan, also a hearty cup cake with, for example, ham and leek succeeds excellently.

Do you want to be inspired by new recipe ideas? Each baking pan includes a recipe booklet or a QR code to scan and retrieve a recipe for re-baking.

Tart mold & quiche mold

The tarte is originally a specialty from France, but is known and loved worldwide. Classically, the tarte consists of a shortcrust pastry with a sweet filling, such as a sweet lemon filling. The tart pan has a typical flanged edge and a lifting bottom to easily release the pastry from the pan. The tart pan with lifting bottom is available from us both classic round and square. A tart pan small with a diameter of 10 cm is ideal for small tartes to bring home. The set consists of six baking pans. For a classic fruit cake, the tart pan is not suitable due to the loose bottom, because the liquid sponge of the fruit base would run out of the baking dish. For this reason, you can also find fruit bottom pans drawn from one piece. They also have a corrugated edge. They have a recess on the edge so that after the base has been turned over, it can be topped with fruit or cream without any problems.

The hearty version is called a quiche. A shortcrust pastry is also typically chosen as the base, but the filling usually consists of vegetables and egg. However, there are no limits to your creativity here either. The quiche pan with a lifting bottom comes in three different sizes: with a diameter of 20 cm, 25 cm and 30 cm.

Baking molds for muffins and cupcakes

To ensure that the muffin or the CupCake also succeeds, the right muffin baking pan is crucial. Discover the muffin tins for muffins and CupCakes at Birkmann. You can find a muffin tin in the three series Basic Baking, Bakerˊs Best and Easy Baking.

Each mold comes with a recipe booklet or on the sleeve you will find a QR code to scan and retrieve recipes. This makes it easy to recreate great recipes in the muffin tin.

If you're looking for the perfect snack for a celebration, check out the mini muffin tin. You can bake 24 small muffins or cupcakes at a time in the baking pan. Again, the selection of possible variations is almost endless and your baking imagination knows no bounds. Thus, in addition to the classic sweet variant, muffins can also be hearty and, for example, consist of an egg-vegetable mix. Numerous muffin tins then skilfully set your pastries in scene.

Baking molds for mini cakes and cookies

The selection of small sweet and salty pastries and mini cakes is now also huge. For small savory pastries, you will find the right mini cake baking pan in the Laib & Seele series from Birkmann. For a small party snack, there is the mini burger bun tray with matching recipe for different burger buns and fillings. At the Laib & Seele series you will find other molds for small pastries like the mini loaf pan, the mini baguette tray and the mini yeast plait tray. For the sweet little baked goods, enjoy browsing through the Easy Baking series. There you will find, among other things, a bundt sheet, a mini bundt sheet and an Eclair baking sheet.

An eye-catcher is the mini cake baking pan made of cast aluminum from the Contoura series. Thanks to the heavy material, the heat is optimally distributed and 12 beautiful, small pastries succeed.

Baking tins for cake pops

Another small pastry are the cake pops. They are also called cake lollipops because of their appearance. The Cake Pop maker from Birkmann is a set of two pieces and made of food-safe silicone. Since silicone is a versatile material, the mold can be used for baking up to 240 ˚ C as well as freezing down to - 60 ˚ C. In addition, the baking pan can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The set comes with recipe suggestions and lollipop sticks for presentation.

To make the cake pops, mix a batter mixture with frosting or cream cheese and shape into small balls. They are then given a frosting of icing or chocolate and can also be decorated as desired.

Donut form

Donuts don't always have to be unhealthy and greasy, because with the donut mold for 6 or 12 donuts you can now easily bake your donuts in your home oven. The enclosed recipe is perfect for delicious donuts from your donut baking pan. After baking, you can then decorate the donuts colourful or chocolaty. Try it yourself and buy a donut mold at Birkmann.

Chocolate form

Of course, you will not only find molds for baking at Birkmann. High-quality silicone molds for making chocolates and chocolate also enrich the range. Thanks to the flexible silicone, the small delicacies can be easily removed from the praline mold and the chocolate mold afterwards. Bake with our praline mold silicone varied pralines with different motifs such as hearts or Christmas motifs.

Baking tins for pizza and tarte flambée

Of course, pizza tastes best when baked by yourself. The special perforation of the pizza tray with a diameter of 28 cm ensures a crispy base. The pizza can be topped as desired, so every individual favorite pizza succeeds easily and tastes super delicious.

The tarte flambée is also becoming increasingly popular. To ensure that the wafer-thin yet crispy tarte flambée base succeeds, the right shape is crucial. Like pizza trays, tarte flambée trays are perforated and have very good non-stick properties. Whether for a classic savory tarte flambée with sour cream or crème fraîche and topped with onions and ham or a sweet alternative, the tarte flambée succeeds optimally on the tarte flambée tray and will delight you.

Bread baking pan

You will also find what you are looking for when it comes to baking bread at Birkmann.

Form the dough for the bread loaf, give it time to rise and finally bake it in the oven in the bread baking pan until the smell of fresh bread fills the whole house - bread baking is experiencing a renaissance in the home bakery. Whether baguettes, Mediterranean party breads or spicy sourdough - with the right bread baking pan and accessories, classics succeed just as easily as unusual bread specialties. In addition to classic bread baking molds, our range includes baking molds for mini baguettes, many different proofing baskets and a baking stone on which bread and pizza turn out especially crispy.

For particularly crispy breads from the oven, the perforated bread baking pan is also suitable, as the perforated material improves air circulation.

Discover the topic of bread in a new way and be inspired by our ideas and attached recipes around the almost inexhaustible world of breads.

Bread pan

In addition to the bread baking pan, Birkmann also offers you some molds for rolls. With the bun tray, you can bake crispy buns like from the baker in no time at all. But you will also find a burger bun tray, a mini burger bun tray or a tray for fluffy hot dog buns in our range. Convince yourself of the variety of baking molds by pastry at Birkmann. With the high-quality baking molds will have long pleasure.

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