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Cookie cutters by occasion - the right cookie cutter for your celebrations & parties

Cookie cutters come in all imaginable sizes and shapes. At Birkmann you will find the right cookie cutters for every occasion. The different motifs and sizes of the cookie cutters make small and large bakers' hearts beat faster. You will find cutters for Easter and Christmas as well as for Halloween, birthdays or for the Oktoberfest and many other occasions.

Some cookie cutters in the range also have an inner embossing for particularly detailed cookies. The cookie is only superficially embossed with the inner embossing and thus receives unique patterns.

Discover the wide selection of high-quality cookie cutters for celebrations & festivities in our assortment.

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  1. % Birkmann - Eiskristall, 6 cm - 100138
    Cookie Cutter Ice Crystal 6 cm
    €1.75 €1.40


    in stock
  2. % Birkmann - Hase, liegend, 4,5 cm - 110106
    Cookie Cutter Rabbit | recumbent 4.5 cm
    €1.75 €1.40


    limited quantity
  3. Birkmann - Henne, 6 cm - 121386
    Cookie Cutter | Hen | 6 cm


    in stock
  4. Birkmann - Geist, 6 cm - 122970
    Cookie Cutter Ghost 6,5 cm


    in stock
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Easter cookie cutters

Everyone associates Easter with the Easter bunny and delicious Easter eggs, which classically must first be found. Later, these can be consumed, for example, at the typical Easter brunch. But besides the Easter eggs, many other treats can be searched for. How about delicious homemade cookies with the Easter cookie cutter? In our range you will find many other great motifs in addition to the typical motifs such as the cookie cutter bunny, the cookie cutter carrot, the cookie cutter egg and the cookie cutter lamb.

The finished cookies also fit wonderfully for Easter brunch or as a snack in between.

Christmas cookie cutters

The Christmas season is known for delicious and varied cookies. Everyone loves the smell of cookies fresh out of the oven. There is a wide selection of different cookie cutters Christmas, which makes large and small baker's hearts beat faster. After baking, the cookies can be magically decorated - the creative design of the cookies is always a great joy, even for children. Enough different cookie cutters Christmas you cannot have. Because there are not only the cookie cutter fir tree, the cookie cutter snowman and the cookie cutter star, but also gingerbread man cookie cutters and many other great cookie cutters Christmas.

Halloween cookie cutter

Trick or treat? That's the question on Halloween. Delicious cookies in spooky shapes and motifs take care of the sweet. For that, you'll find first-class Halloween cookie cutters like a pumpkin cookie cutter, a skull cookie cutter, a ghost cookie cutter and many more. Or have you ever baked a cookie in the shape of a gnuff or tombstone? You will find these and other spooky motifs suitable for Halloween in the cookie cutter assortment at Birkmann.

Cookie cutter wedding, Valentine's Day & Mother's Day

Are you missing that certain something in your wedding, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day gift? No problem - add one or more homemade cookies to your gift and you'll add a personal touch. With a wedding cookie cutter such as a beautiful heart cutter, you can bake wonderful, crispy cookies in no time. Personalized gifts bring the most joy.

But cookies in matching motifs also go wonderfully with the buffet. And let's be honest: who doesn't like homemade cookies?

Birthday cookie cutters

Birthdays are very special days and should also be celebrated and presented with special gifts. With the cookie cutters birthday from Birkmann in great motifs you succeed your cookies for sure and your loved ones will be delighted about such a personal attention certainly.

With a cookie cutter birthday, however, you can also cut out great motifs from fondant or marzipan and thus decorate your large and small birthday cakes magically.

Cookie cutter baptism & birth

Homemade cookies just go with any occasion. If you bake them with the cookie cutter baptism, you can give the cookies ideal for birth or baptism. Whether with the classic Christian fish and a small dove - the cookies succeed with the cookie cutter baptism particularly beautiful and can be decorated afterwards with numerous baking accessories still wonderful. Browse through the almost endless world of cookie cutters for every occasion and every theme and let yourself be inspired by new motifs.

Cookie cutter New Year's Eve

Typically, on New Year's Eve, many people bake fortune cookies with a positive saying to bring luck for the new year. However, luck can also be given away with other cookies in great motifs. Especially popular is the clover leaf cookie cutter, the pig cookie cutter and the chimney sweep cookie cutter. But not only luck is wished for the new year, but also many other wishes such as health or success. For this you will find in the assortment also enchanting cookie cutter New Year's Eve.

Cookie cutter Bavaria & Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest in Bavaria is a worldwide known folk festival, to which every year numerous people arrive. Typically, Oktoberfest is all about hearty food and beer. Alternatively, you can bake great Oktoberfest cookies as a little gag this year. For this you will find in our assortment many cookie cutters Bavaria such as a cookie cutter pretzel, a cookie cutter beer, a cookie cutter Dirndl or a cookie cutter Lederhosen. Discover many more motifs and surprise your loved ones this year for Oktoberfest with small, homemade treats.

Carnival & Carnival cookie cutters

The carnival cutters at Birkmann are as varied as the costumes at carnival. The carnival cookie cutters are available with great motifs, both with and without inner embossing. Cookie cutters with inner embossing give your cookies a special expression and with loving decorations they look even more realistic.

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