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With 'Cause we care, we set new standards for consistently sustainable products. Every product is made from fast renewable raw materials or recycled materials. We use sustainable, recyclable materials, such as bamboo, wood, tinplate or kraft paper. We avoid petroleum-based coatings, making it easier to recycle discarded products as well.

"´Cause We Care" also proves that sustainability, perfect design and minimalist yet stylish packaging go hand in hand.


- The ultimate upcycling product! This baking accessory was once a tin can!

Tinplate is 100% recyclable and can be reused countless times. Due to its magnetic properties, it can be sorted out without leaving any residue and shaped into new forms. Thanks to the ideal heat conduction and the shortened baking time, baking is particularly energy-efficient. No petroleum is used for the coatings in the production of our tinplate baking tins.



- Is the fastest growing raw material in the world! Some bamboo grasses grow up to 1 metre a week. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources in the world, absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and producing more oxygen than other plants. It is more stable than many a hardwood, so it is suitable for long-term use in the kitchen. 

By the way:

  • Bamboo is a survivor - when harvested, it does not die but grows back quickly.
  • Bamboo is the largest grass in the world - it is not a tree.
  • Bamboo has natural superpowers - the bamboo extract is so strong and resilient and adapts to the environment, so fertilisers and pesticides are not needed.
  • Bamboo is nature's friend - its water-retaining roots improve the soil quality of the ground it grows on.
  • Bamboo wood has an antibacterial effect - it stops germ formation

Beech wood

- comes from sustainable forests! Perfect for durable and sturdy tools!

This wood is ideal for making durable products such as baking accessories. Beech wood is very stable thanks to its high density. It is durable, sustainable and recyclable or compostable. Due to its robust quality, it can be used for several years without losing its appearance, stability and durability.

Kraft paper

- shapes muffins and makes flowers grow!

This paper is very hard-wearing and tear-resistant. It consists almost entirely of cellulose. Kraft paper is plastic-free and unbleached, these properties make it particularly environmentally friendly. Kraft paper is recyclable, 100% compostable and can even be disposed of in organic waste or private compost. Kraft paper is partially resistant to water and fat, making it ideal for baking.

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