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The springform flan pan, the conical version of the springform pan with an extra large diameter, is especially suitable for all cake recipes where the sides are lined with shortcrust pastry. Thanks to the sloping sides, the dough does not slip down, but adheres to the rim during processing. When baking is complete, the excellent brand-name non-stick coating from Whitford ensures easy removal. The extra heavy quality makes the pan extremely sturdy and transfers the heat evenly into the cake. The stainless steel clasp can be opened fully so that the extra high rim can be removed from the cake without problem, and cleaned especially easily and thoroughly. Cut-resistant enamel base; in high-quality gift packaging, with recipe booklet

More Information
Short Description Professionelle Backformen für allerhöchste Ansprüche: Unsere Premium Baking-Formen überzeugen durch ihre besonders stabile Ausführung, die saubere Verarbeitung und viele zeitgemäße Details.
Delivery Time 2-3 days
Material Carbon steel
Size 32,8 x 7,2 x 32,8 cm
Features Ø 32 cm | Height 6 cm | approx. 3000 ml

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